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 Over 500 Post-Frame Buildings Completed

Our History

Our History

Roy's upbringing in the small farming community of Choteau, Montana, shaped his strong work ethic and passion for the land. As a member of a family deeply rooted in agriculture, he and his brother Mitch dedicated themselves to the demanding tasks of lambing, calving, and row crop farming on their family-owned, (L-Seven Ranch Inc.)
Owner of L-7 Construction LLC
Roy Peters
Owner of L-7 Construction
Roy's journey in the construction industry began in 1982, specializing in post-frame construction for farmers and ranchers. After successfully completing a comprehensive two-year building trade program in Helena, Montana in 1984, Roy relocated to Bothell, Washington in 1992, where he founded L-Seven Construction, continuing his lifelong commitment to quality craftsmanship and client satisfaction. Ever since, he has furthered his knowledge of the post-frame industry, mastering the ins-and-outs of the trade.
Our Business

Our Business

Servicing Commercial and Residential Communities

With a rich experience of three decades in the construction industry, we take immense pride in having successfully constructed over 500 post-frame buildings for our commercial and residential clients. From garages, shops, gambrels, arenas, horse barns, and specialty buildings, we provide clients a magnitude of services to carefully select and craft a building they desire. With a solid team of workers, our projects are not only efficiently completed within a reasonable manner, but they are also of the highest standard. Whether it is rain or shine, our workers will get the job done with attention to detail.
Feel free to explore our testimonials section and discover other clients' experiences with our business.
L-7 Construction Geographical Operations
Our Equipmnt
As a small business, our top priority is to ensure both efficiency and safety in our operations. That's why we carefully select machinery that not only gets the job done effectively but also guarantees the well-being of our workers. We understand the significance of high-quality equipment that can perform flawlessly even in challenging weather conditions.

By prioritizing the quality and reliability of our machinery, we aim to maximize productivity while minimizing downtime and risks. At our small business, we understand that the right equipment can make a significant difference in achieving successful outcomes. That's why we continuously strive to source and utilize the best machinery available, enabling us to meet and exceed our customers' expectations while upholding our commitment to safety and quality.

Our dedication to excellence drives us to invest in top-of-the-line machinery that adheres to the highest industry standards. Whether it's for excavation, construction, or any other aspect of our operations, we rely on reliable equipment that delivers consistent results.
A track skid loader is a versatile piece of construction equipment used for a wide range of tasks in the construction industry. It is a compact, wheeled machine equipped with rubber tracks instead of traditional tires. The tracks provide improved traction and flotation, making track skid loaders well-suited for navigating challenging terrains and sensitive surfaces.​
  1. Material Handling: Track skid loaders are equipped with quick-attach systems, allowing for easy and rapid attachment changes. They can be fitted with various attachments like pallet forks, grapples, augers, and trenchers, enabling them to handle a wide range of materials and perform tasks like lifting, loading, and digging.
Skid Loader

Our Equipment

Our Mission

To Provide Every Client With Outstanding Quality Workmanship and Unparalleled Customer Service

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Our People

Our team comprises a group of highly motivated and enthusiastic individuals who are deeply passionate about their respective fields. We are driven by a shared dedication to delivering exceptional work that not only meets but exceeds our own lofty standards.
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Our Clients

At our core, we are driven by a mission to warmly welcome every client, treating them with respect and extending the utmost cordial behavior. We strive to deeply comprehend their wishes, aligning our skills and expertise to effectively bring their inspirations to life.
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Our Buildings

With each building project we undertake, our utmost aspiration is for our reputation to precede us. We believe in consistently surpassing expectations through unwavering hard work and dedication. We ensure to bring not only looks, but functionality to our buildings.

Our Mission

Our Values

Our Values

We genuinely believe that every project holds equal significance for both us and our clients. Our commitment to exceptional customer service extends beyond the completion of the project, as we thoroughly enjoy providing ongoing support and assistance. Below are several ways in which we provide such outstanding interactions and keep strong relations with our clients.
Each client comes to us with a unique purpose. Whether it is to benefit from our exceptional pole-building expertise or to experience the professionalism of our friendly team, they entrust us with providing the solutions they seek. Recognizing the reliance placed on us by our clients, it is imperative that we consistently demonstrate responsibility and dependability in our actions. We arrive at the job site prepared and motivated, ensuring progress is made every single day. In the event of any challenges, we proactively seek solutions to swiftly address them.
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