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Garages and Shops Cover
With a remarkable 30-year history, L-Seven Construction has proudly constructed numerous multi-level garages and shops, solidifying our expertise in the industry. We understand that your dream shop or garage should be tailored to meet your specific needs, whether it's accommodating RVs, lawnmowers, cars, and tools, or satisfying your every workshop desire.

At L-Seven Construction, we possess the capability to transform your vision into reality. Our skilled team can customize your shop or garage, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your requirements. From incorporating lofts or second floors to finishing walls, adding stairs, couplas, and open bays, we have the versatility to make your space as spacious or compact as you need. 
Post Frame Garage and Shop
What sets us apart is our specialization in six-inch wall girts, a unique offering among pole building companies. By utilizing these enhanced wall girts, we enable all walls to be insulated, plumbed, wired, and sheet-rocked. This distinction allows us to provide you with a finished space that surpasses industry standards, unlike conventional pole building companies that rely on standard wall girts, which limit the possibility of a fully finished interior.
One Story Garages & Shops

One Story Garages and Shops

Our one-story garages and shops have become a favorite choice among homeowners due to their combination of simplicity and efficient use of space. With spacious, open floor plans, these structures offer a seamless building experience, ensuring a swift turnaround time. The satisfaction expressed by our clients is evident in their return requests for additional garages and shops, a testament to their love for our work. When it comes to essential additions to your property, a garage, and shop are indispensable. Don't hesitate to choose our unmatched one-story garage and shop for quality and convenience.
Two Story Garages & Shops

Two Story Garages and Shops

In line with our exceptional one-story garages and shops, our two-story counterparts offer an even more remarkable solution. These structures possess all the outstanding features of our one-story designs while optimizing land utilization to a greater extent. With their clean and sleek appearance, they seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality. These structurally sound buildings provide versatile spaces that can serve as exceptional storage facilities or customized retreats, such as inviting man-caves. We devote considerable time and effort to ensure that every aspect of your building surpasses expectations because meeting the bare minimum is simply not acceptable to us. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we are committed to delivering nothing short of excellence in every project we undertake.
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